Eyes wide open 2008

thinking, reading, writing

Reading, writing and thinking

This is the classblog for a small group of Rhodes University’s Journalism and Media Studies students who have chosen to do a short course in sub-editing. Apart from the obvious outcomes, the real motivation behind this course is to help students develop a critical eye  (and mind) and to engage with the world in an entirely different way. Subs, after all, never believe anything they read and they are the ones who can’t read a restaurant menu without spotting that “cappuccino” is spelt wrong.

I was surprised when I discovered that out of the group of six students, who are all interested sharpening their writing skills, no one blogged. Blogging, after all, is good for you. So, inspired by a course devised by Mindy McAdams for her course on reporting and writing for online media at the University of Florida, what we’ve done is create an assignment around writing, thinking and reading. Students are required to set up their blogs around a passion, interest or obsession. They have to write (at least) two postings a week. To meet the requirements of this assignment, they will have to read as widely and as much as possible and write responses in an entertaining and interesting way. This class blog acts as an aggregator of their work. It will also be used to post notes, items of interest and instructions.

Links to the students’ work are listed as RSS feeds in the extras column on the front page. Click through and let us know what you think.